My mother`s superpower

My mother spent almost four weeks with me here in New Zealand, and when anyone asks me, ” How was it?” all I can think is that she recharged my heart with peace and love! I believe that’s a superpower. Some people bring something into the place they are in or to the people they are with.

I have a friend who is so enthusiastic about life that she brings joy to everyone (Amandinha, I am talking about you)! I also have a calm and wise friend, and I always feel I learn something from her (Alice). And many other friends who inspire me with their way of being (their discipline, attitude, honesty, and care for others…) Ale, my partner, is another example of someone who never speaks badly of others (never, even in the worst situation). I wish I could have this superpower, too.

I think a quote says, ”People won’t remember what you have said or did to them, but they will remember how you have made them feel”. Thank you, mom! You made me feel the best (peaceful and full of love) just for being who you are!

Mom and myself – Shakespeare park, nz

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