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Freedom to be who we are

I took Ben for a short walk with me last Friday, so he could go and ride his scooter. We stopped at a place where there were a few ramps so he could have fun. Another child was riding a scooter too. The child had short hair and was wearing a cap and hat, shorts,...


Matariki – The Māori New Year

This year we will have a holiday on the 24th of June. That will be the first time that Matariki will be celebrated officially as a public holiday in New Zealand! Here are a couple of things I have been learning over the past few weeks from a book* I bought, an activity at work...



Some notes from a visit to Auckland Museum – 09/05/2021 Volcanos aren`t unique to Earth. Quite the contrary – everywhere scientists look on other planets and moons, they find them. In Nicaragua, young women were once thrown as sacrifices into the crater of Masaya Volcano. People living in central Africa made an annual offering of...


Bird Watching

A lovely friend invited me to go on a trip for bird watching! Even though I am not a ‘’bird person’’ and had no idea of what to expect I said yes because this friend is someone I admire so much, and I always love her ideas and interests! We went to Tiritiri Matangi Island,...


The Hygge Manifesto

A friend of mine told me about this book: “The little book of Hygge – The Danish was to live well’’. Here is what I loved about this new concept I came across: Hygge has been called everything from ‘the art of creating intimacy’’, ‘’coziness of the soul’’ and ‘’absence of annoyance’’ to ‘’taking pleasure...


Blog and Newsletter

I  do enjoy knowing what is happening in the world through people`s experiences and perceptions and I have found that blogs and newsletters fulfil a huge part of my desire to be connected and informed. I don’t have TV, and I avoid checking the news on the internet – even in a pandemic world where...