Silent days

”You can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in” – Junot Diaz I like silence! Not the ”uncomfortable” silence we sometimes experience when we believe we ”should” say something or the silence of an empty house when we are missing our loved ones…but the silence that comes from nature until it...


Metta Meditation

I first heard of this type of mediation when I was doing my first Vipassana course in 2019. A big gift from Buddha! From time to time I choose to start my day with those phrases, repeating them inside my head as many times as I need to feel them as purely as possible in...



Pieces from my last reading: Saltwatter Buddha – A surfer`s quest to find zen on the sea by Jaimal Yogis Zen ”But maybe if I had been calmer, I might have seen other options, might have avoided creating so much worry. Or not. I really don’t know.“ About Thich Nhat Hanh: ”But it wasn’t even...


Swami Dayananda

Portuguese 🙂 ‘Que eu tenha a maturidade de aceitar o que nao posso mudar, o desejo e o esforco para mudar o que nao posso e a sabedoria para saber a diferenca entre o que posso e o que nao posso mudar. Aceito simplesmente o que ja aconteceu em minha vida ate aqui Busco forca...


Clarity & Connection @yungpueblo

heal yourself, but don’t rush help people, but have boundaries love others, but don’t let them harm you love yourself, but don’t become egotistical stay informed, but don’t overwhelm yourself embrace change, but keep pursuing your goals My reflection: heal yourself, but don’t rush – Process help people, but have boundaries – Boundaries, Saying ”no.”...