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This year, I decided not to buy books to save some money, so I did my library card and its been very good so far. One of the best things is that I don’t have to choose a single book for read, I normally leave the library with 5 books I am interested about and I also have a chance to be exposed to books (and ideas) that I would hardly spend money on. I also enjoy the library, I like the silence, the screen free environment, I like seeing people reading and studying.

So I was reading the book ”Seeking Wisdom” by Julia Cameron, the same author from the classic ”The artist`s Way. She suggests, in both books, that we write three pages of anything in our minds every morning. If you don’t know what to write about, you can start writing about your environment, the weather, how you expect your day to be, the chores you have to do, how it was yesterday… anything.

In 2019 I started a ”gratitude” journal where I would wrote a few things, but just the best things of my day. Even if it was a very ordinary, or even a ”bad day”, I tried to think about having food, being free. etc…I still do this and enjoy reading back what I was doing on the same date years ago, you can see some changes, sometimes I don’t even recognize myself, sometimes I feel the same.

22/05/2023 was the first day I started doing the morning pages, and its not few lines like the gratitude one, those are three pages, where I write my worries, my thoughts, my hopes and my feelings. Its when I listen to myself. Its been a big help for me! I miss going to therapy so I see the therapeutic effect that those pages offers me. My feelings seems to be more real, I see things changing, I see my perspective changing, perhaps slowly. I see some frustrations being the same as months ago and its clear that I am the one responsible to make it different. I also see that I love nature, birds, sun, resting, beach, quality time with some people and I am also the one responsible to make it happen more in my life.

Tongariro Northern Circuit Sep 2023

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