The best things of my life between Jan-Jun 2024.

Beach walks. The sound of rain falling. Books. Studying what I love. Working fewer hours per week. Hugs. Brazilian music. Dinner with friends. Pizza. Breakfast with my family. Cousins. My first niece. Feeling Love. Being loved. A good coffee. Admiring the pregnancy of others. Babys. Kids. Double Rainbow. Photos. Inspiration. Birds. Flowers blossoming. Hiking. Sky. Calm mornings. Moon. Handwriting. Meditation (even if it’s for 5 minutes or less). Library. Kombucha. Dogs. Travel. Trusting. Receiving support. Being supportive. More movement. Less time in front of the computer. Saying no. Saying a peaceful yes. Reflection. Laugh. Incense. Payday. Payrise. Cuddles. Beachfront Bikeride. Seeing a shark. Avocados. Loving my hair. Working from home. No work meetings. Watering plants. Driving (without traffic). Glow worms. Waking up in nature. A toilet when I really needed it. Monday off. Clean house, Clean clothes, Clean kitchen, Clean toilet. Alfajor. Stretches. Quitting a not-liked job and getting a better job. Naps. Exploring new movements and exploring what is inside. Falling in love with the new house. Remembering how blessed I am.

yoga teacher training (and a dog that I love and make my ytt weekend even better)
beach walks
my heart feels warm every time I look at this photo… it’s little me, my uncle and his dog. he passed away during COVID, and I spent some time with his kids in Brazil; I love them so much!

ilha bela with friends, what a gift!

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